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Tampa is no stranger to bad weather. From flooding and sinkholes to wind and hurricane damage, Floridian homes experience the fullest extent of Mother Nature’s force and brutality regularly. When the damage strikes, filing your insurance claim can be tough. Do you know what to do when you file your insurance claim? If this is a challenge, let the expert Tampa Insurance lawyers help you to get the payout you deserve.

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Our firm has proudly served the Tampa area homeowners for 9 years, working aggressively to help take care of our neighbors. With our foundation built around this principle, we offer convenience and accessibility for our clients, centrally located near the Tampa International Airport. Your home is important to you, and for that reason, we take great pride in representing you while filing your insurance claim or challenging a denial.

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Experts In Many Damage Claim Areas.

Your insurance policy can be difficult to navigate. Did you know that hurricane damage is not the same as wind or water damage to your home? Our team at Kling law is ready to help, with insurance claim expertise in:

• Sinkhole Damage
• Water Damage
• Wind Damage

• Termite Collapse
• Mold Damage
• Hurricane Damage

Not only is Kling Law experienced in insurance law, but they also are the most persistent, tenacious, and aggressive Tampa insurance law firm, ready to defend your home and fight for your payout rights. Our team is ready to help protect you and your neighbor, getting you back to repairing your home quickly and efficiently.

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Kling Law’s Legal Team is focused on providing the best legal representation to homeowners involved in disputes with their insurance companies. We have proudly been defending homeowners for the past 9 years, working tirelessly to get you the maximum payout.


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